How Much Do you Invest in your Art?

Think about this; is it really true? How has this impacted your life? A not just art, but anything creative that you can do. For example snowboarding and creating a new line each time you do a run is something you might consider a part of your creative spirit. Will knowing this make a difference, or will it just alert you to the stakes you never realized were there, or as a reminder to step back from an undivided investment in creating a popular work of art?


‘When we fear that we do not matter or that our efforts do not matter, we get depressed.

“Similarly, the places where we make large investments of meaning, for instance in our performances, paintings, or books, are places of great anxiety, because there is more than our ego on the line, there is our very sense of the meaningfulness of our life.

“If the world is not interested in our paintings, for instance, we will be hard-pressed to maintain meaning there; so, when we come to the blank canvas, we can already be a little (or a lot) frightened that a negative reaction to this as-yet-unborn painting will precipitate a meaning crisis.”

Continued in interview: Investing meaning in our art.

He also comments: “Only a small percentage of creative people work as often or as deeply as, by all rights, they might be expected to work. What stops them? Anxiety or some face of anxiety like doubt, worry, or fear… anxiety is the great silencer of the creative person.’”

-Eric Maiser




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