some words, in opening

Okay, so you’re working hard, making some breaks-but did you ever stop and think, Am I enjoying this ? Is it still your passion fuelling you, or just some blind drive to achieve something someone else can see?

We don’t grow up in a vacuum. We’re constantly inspired by other people, people who have made it, and aspire to that. Anyone who tells you they are original are lying. They are making a life of something that existed before. They are making something new out of it, but the essence is the same. And this essence has survived because it’s worth the effort. No matter how many times you get banged up, how many litres of tears, in the end the journey would be something you’d be proud of, that made you know yourself better. If it makes you feel like you’re deviating from yourself, or know yourself less, step back. Not all is lost. The trouble isn’t automatically jumping ship to find a new passion. It’s to find a new passion for that passion, a new way to approach it, because once you give up, you give up on everything else too. There’s multiple passions, because there’s multiple people. But there’s only one fuel in life-passion -and that’s the one you’ve got to stick with all the way through or you won’t be able to admit to yourself at night that you were living your life satisfactorily.




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